Ever wish you could make something with your hands?  Want to make simple yet unique furniture for your home, but don't have any tools? Have a storage solution idea that will fit in your home perfectly, but don't know how to approach building it?


Geometric cement side table

make it & take it home

well, You're in Luck!

Local Makers Josh Rhodes and Grant Andrews want to show you that with a few basic skills, plus your creativity, you can be on your way to making great things in no time. 

Help Me Make This is a series of  workshops presented in Tempe, AZ where you  will learn basics of woodworking, metal working, design, finishing, and more. Our goal is to provide a hands on,  creative, and safe environment where you'll  be able to ask all the questions you have, and  go home with new knowledge,  something you made, and inspiration for future projects!

Upcoming workshop dates: 

TO BE ANNOUNCED. Contact us if you're interested in taking a workshop!

  • We're kicking this off by offering 3 separate workshops, all presented on one day-  you can buy one, two, or all three.
  • If you buy all three workshops, you'll receive 25% off the entire order. Enter Promo Code ALLTHREE at checkout.

  • If you purchase all three classes, lunch is on us that day!

  • We will teach you how to use the tools safely, however, there is an inherent risk whenever using power tools. There will be a release waiver you must sign in order to attend any of the workshops.

  • You must be 18 years old or older to attend.

  • We will be providing all materials, tools, & safety gear.


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    We also offer one on one workshops! 

    Have a design you've been meaning to build,  but don't have a shop or tools?

    Want to make a special gift for somebody, but don't know where to source the material?

    Feeling extra adventurous, and want to design and help build your kitchen cabinets?

    Let's make it happen.


    Any questions?