First workshop

Oh man, the first HMMT Workshop was so much fun! The day was bit chilly, but that didn't stop us from making, learning and eating good mexican food! I learned a bunch too, and hopefully the next class is even better. Thanks again for everybody who attended, and to Grant for being an amazing teacher and resource of information. 

The welding workshop was fun, informative, and overall a good skill building experience. The class format is casual and you get to jump right into working with various tools and have supervision in doing so. I would definitely take another course with Josh. Only suggestions would be to have more time to practice with the welding.
— Jon
Thanks so much for doing these classes. I had an amazing time. Tools that I was previously intimidated by I now look forward to using again. It’s a great feeling to have people compliment pieces in your home and be able to say that you made them. Excited for future classes!
— Jeff
Loved the class, we are using the table as a temporary side table then most likely going out side. My only feedback is that it may have been too simple and easy. Maybe get some more classes for challenging projects. I would love to do that on welding!
— Maxx